The creation of ePortal for MAS 500

I have been asked several hundred times over the last 3 years, in various ways, as to what was the background of ePortal for MAS 500. It’s initial intent was to serve as a much more dynamic and robust B2B and salesperson interface than the legacy eCustomer and eSalesforce modules for Sage ERP MAS 500. This was accomplished rather easily and it has morphed into quite a bit more.

The ePortal for MAS 500 framework is built using the Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 tool set. It consists of 3 components. They include the following.
ePortal for MAS 500 – This is the user interface. This is ASP.NET and JavaScript.
MAS 500 WS – This layer is comprised of Web Services and WCF Services. This layer is serves as the interface with the MAS 500 database and the UI (ePortal for MAS 500). For those wishing to create their own or just use their existing UI they can just purchase the MAS 500 WS without the ePortal for MAS 500.
SQL Components – The application does not alter any base tables, views or stored procedures of the base Sage ERP MAS 500 solution, but it does have some objects of its own.

The first year we spent finding our way with the product. The initial installations were solely to our customer base to meet their unique requirements that were just no longer possible with the legacy modules. We have continued to add functionality, expand our install based and tweak the functionality based on your feedback.

This has proven to be a success for both RKL and our clients. It is always nice to create something that is extremely flexible but it always creates some anxiety at times while everyone gets acclimated to the product. Thank you to the RKL Team for all the effort spent working on this product vision and to the Sage Partners and Customers who have been adopters of this new interface. We appreciate your business.

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